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3D Virtual Show Booth Renderings

During the pandemic, there were many businesses looking for alternatives to how they can present their products and services. For those that rely on conventions and conferences, these virtual show booths could be branded to their product lines and offered links to videos, product information and even live feeds to online conversations. 

We first developed the branded elements and textures that could be used to build out the brands. We then designed many different 3D booth designs and offered 'default' looks to start with, however, any designs could be quickly customized.

Over a 6 month period, we developed the process for creating the 3D model, inserting the pre-sized marketing media locations, and applying the different themes, so that they could continue to replicate the process for future booth designs. We created 16 Small booths, 6 Medium booths and 6 Large booths that were ready to sell as they continued to build out the rest of their product gallery.

Sample of Markup Notes and Instructions for 3D artist

Screen captures of raw 3D model at desired angles that will be used for marketing material links to be added.


Marketing PDF for the Medium Booth #0004 with 4 possible themes applied.
Clients can choose one of these, or customize them to their brand.

3D model still  for the Small Booth #0001
Sample marketing PDF for the Small Booth #0001

3D model still  for the Large Booth #0001

Booth_L_0001_210513_V02-SCRN_2-Panels 1&2-RET.jpg
Booth_L_0001_210513_V02-SCRN_3-Panels 5&6.JPG
Booth_L_0001_210513_V02-SCRN_5-Panel 8.JPG

Marketing PDF with 4 Concepts for the Large Booth #0001


Branding       Animation       Concept Art       UX | UI Design  

3D Modeling       Videography       Event Production

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